Technical Support

Technical Support Service:

It is continual technical service offered to ONYX Pro customers. This service is provided by specialized engineers in programming and computer engineering in addition to experts in implementation of accounting and administrative ONYX Pro programs. The reasons for requesting technical support differ from country to another. However, the most important mutual reasons are as follows:
  1. Some customers like the participation of technical engineer in adapting some of programs functions with their special requirements.
  2. Limitedness of using system instructions by user.
  3. Errors appearing in the program for a reason related to using, program or external effect.
  4. Providing software updates or versions for customers.

Providing Technical Support Service:
The customer service engineers of our branch or agent provides technical support service for ONYX Pro customers. The means or times of providing the service may differ from country to another and from program to another. However, procedures of providing technical support service for ONYX Pro programs is are the same as in the following steps:
  1. The Customer should request for technical support service via appropriate and approved method in his/her area.
  2. Technical support engineer implements the customer’s request by providing the service through appropriate method for processing the request.
  3. Customer’s approval that his request has been completed via the approved method in his area.


The Most important Methods for Providing Our Customers with Technical Support Service:
  1. Direct communication via internet or phone.
  2. Using remote access software (Teamviewer).
  3. On site support.

On Site Support:
On site support service is provided by all our branches and certified distributers for customer when he /she requests that. The engineer reviews systems performance and implements the direct required solutions. Then he gives his necessary recommendations for users. At the same time, he takes the customer’s recommendations and proposals. After that, he submits a report about his visit to the specialized management as well as the network of ONYX Pro departments, entitled persons and engineers via his account in CRM system.

Technical Support Service Fees:
The service is completely for free during the first year. In the next years, invoices related to technical support service fees would be issued except for unsubscribed customers in renewing annual maintenance agreement through our branches and certified distributers. For more details about technical support policy in your area, we hope to contact them through the following link: Availability & Communication Map

Central Technical Support:
Central Technical Support is a specialized management in YemenSoft company headquarter in Sana’a. It consists of software programming and implementation experts and linked with software development team. It have many tasks such as the following:
  1. Supporting systems of customers and the first of which is ONYX Pro programs group.
  2. Studying customers types, work mechanisms and users behaviors.
  3. Exchanging experience and knowledge between technical support engineers in the regions.
  4. Receiving and Solving systems errors in collaboration with development team and examining new solutions.
  5. Sending new updates and versions to the branches and agents.

The Methods of Providing Central Technical Support:
  1. Providing simple and quick consultations via phone or social communication programs.
  2. Sending and exchanging files through CRM system and emails.
  3. Preparing information and technical leaflets to develop engineers experience and skills or for guides for users in some defined details.

To whom Central Technical Support is Provided?
  1. To technical support engineers and software implementation staff in the branches and distributions offices.
  2. To customers in the countries in which we don’t have any branch or certified distributor.
  3. To big projects which are not included in the tasks of branches or distributors.

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