Consultation Services

One of the important services during which customer's activity is studied to provide him/her the consultation that helps in making the decision of him/her business computerization.
ONYX Pro program depends on wide options of configuration that are compatible  with the diversity of business market activities. Businessmen prefer ONYX Pro in many different sectors.
Consultation services that our company provide in projects computerization and software development are various, such as:
  1. Service of preparing studies for integral or sectional  computerization projects with all requirements.
  2. Service of designing projects of institutional change or development  for business enterprises and service organizations.
  3. Service of supporting customers shifting to computerization and qualifying them in order to achieve the best benefit of Onyx Pro,

Initial Study:
Onyx Pro consultant starts the task to provide service of customers shifting to computerization with field study about customer organization by meeting the concerned persons in project of computerization, reviewing the required documents for his/her task, and collecting the enough information to achieve the following results:
  1. Classifying customer according to activity type, organization size and branches, daily transactions intensity, and the other useful indicators for classification.
  2. Defining the requirements from the customer point of view, vision for computerizing his/her organization, problems that he/she wants to be solved, and the situation he/she wants to be reached.
  3. Defining the outcomes and outputs that the customer wants to achieve.
  4. Studying work cycle and organization chart for tasks in the customer organization as well as efficiency level.
  5. Finding out positive opportunities in customer environment  that should be used in  computerization project.

Providing Consultancy Service:
After studying the customer environment, needs, and regulatory conditions, ONYX Pro Consultant offers consultancy service in a number of required components, the most important ones are:
  1. Showing  a model of  success stories for Onyx Pro program in the same activity of customer in form of ultimate outcomes.
  2. Displaying direct   processors to be provided by direct ONYX Pro systems to overcome the problems and meet the needs and the results that he wants to achieve.
  3. Referring  to the importance of the customer decision to computerization shifting  in overcoming  deficiencies, and positive opportunities that will bring him additional objectives.
  4. Providing  customer with the summary of appropriate solution project about the   needed software and  the circumstances which he/she will overcome, work environment to which he/she will be shifted and unexpected results that will be achieved.
  5. Providing the most important technical details that should be discussed with customer such as: technique of  linking between his/her accounting entities, the software  flexibility to meet the requirements of his/her activity, and designing  reports he/she wants, ... etc.
  6. Displaying  miscellaneous advantages for customer investment by  using ONYX Pro  software in its adaptation, inputs and processing. In addition to the  and the importance of great diversity and comprehensiveness in reports that will enhance his/her organization strength and performance efficiency as well as the outcomes that should be achieved by the customer  in the aspects of the regulation, growth and expansion.
  7. Providing the customer with necessary recommendations which support the strength of shifting to computerization either in  regulatory aspects, equipments, users training,  or others.
  8. Presenting summary of initial scheduled implementation plan explaining the stages of customer shifting to computerization from  purchasing decision to the last session of  software implementation in the customer office.
  9. Providing the additional information needed by the customer about  ONYX Pro ERP.

Executive Action Program:
  • According to study results of consultation service provided by ONYX Pro ERP, the best solutions will be discussed with the client to be implemented in his organization away from improvisation or failed experience, but the client organization are developed in accordance with the results of a scientific consultation study, global software, responsible business practice, and international case study expertise of ONYX Pro software.
  • Then the results of study are converted to executive program of work within which to conclude necessary contracts with the client as well as executive plan is prepared to be ended in the client tasks practice through ONYX Pro ERP and to take advantage of its services.

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