Software Implementation

General Objectives of Implementation:
  1. To  apply users knowledge and skills directly in their work places.
  2. To exceed the phases of configuration, charts building, groups organizing, privileges customers according to business activity nature by customer with the help and supervision of ONYX Pro Implementation consultant.  
  3. To grant the required confidence for customer's staff to make use of systems capabilities.
  4. To ensure safe transition to use software in the defined time in implementation plan.

Implementation Method:
  1. Prior Coordination and agreement with customer on all what affect on implementation process outputs.
  2. Designing  a timed plan of implementation for customer with clear objectives, tasks, duties, and to be signed.  
  3. Applying workshop style that achieves users interaction in work sessions.

Preparation for Implementation:
The consultant starts with the required preparatory  steps after s/he assigned to implement a module or group of Onyx Pro modules for customer. The most important of these steps:
  1. Reviewing customer's contract details and get contacts details with the responsible person.
  2. Reading previous experience similar to customer status.
  3. Taking  required quality models for the task, and designing a model for  customer data.
  4. Making an appointment with the customer as the visit is essential to study the customer business environment and requirements.
  5. Having knowledge  about  the customer's general vision in systems implementation from the entitled person.  
  6. Coordinating with system administrator who will be with involved with the consultant in implementation process and entitled to signing reports.
  7. Making sure  about  customer's  data readiness and quality level; in addition to  providing his/her remarks  to develop them.
  8. Designing  implementation plan, discussing  it with the customer and signing it.
  9. The necessity of arranging  each visit according to the previous visit results and the requirements of implementation plan.

Implementation Plan:
The following items  are the most important components of implementation plan for one or a group of ONYX Pro modules:
  1. Defining the time you need for implementing system or a group of systems.
  2. Distributing the tasks and objectives of implementation sessions between the plan days in day and hour of starting and completing.   
  3. Specifying  duties of the consultant and  customer in executing  the plan items.
  4. Specifying the customer's team who will be involved in implementation process, nominating entitled system administrator, and specifying work place.

Implementation Session:
The usual and regular tasks of implementation consultant in every  visit of Onyx Pro programs implementation visits, which are:
  1. Making backup of work and save it in the path agreed upon.  
  2. Executing tasks specified in implementation plan in form of an official session of training.
  3. Giving chance for users to use the system and correct their mistakes not working on their behalf.
  4. Discussing users and making sure that they have acquire  knowledge and skills form work session.
  5. Providing required recommendations for users in order to develop their performance or to prepare what is required for the coming session.
  6. Signing the record or report of work session with customer before leaving.
  7. Adding his experience with the customer in this visit to his  account  in CRM.

Implementation Completion:
  1. It is necessary  to complete the required sessions of implementation with users according to the plan that had been prepared and signed in the first basic visit to the customer.
  2. Specifying  the  penultimate session of implementation for  consultative supervision on users performance, data entry of various  transactions, issuing  reports samples that are considered important for the customer, reviewing  them with the customer, and the customer's  signature on those outputs.
  3. Specifying  the ultimate session of implementation for verification procedures about system administrator management for his/her tasks, the other users performance, and making the last backup of customer data.  
  4. After  completing  the ultimate session of implementation, the consultant of implementation have  to  sign on the record of implementation process completion with the customer  declaring that  the responsibility of using Onyx Pro systems has been transferred  to the customer.

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