ONYX Pro ERP Development

To implement our vision " Software Solutions with international standards  and global presence"
and to keep our commitment to continuous development in order to achieve our customers' objectives,
the processes of ONYX Pro development  have been done in accordance with several paths to serve the constant innovation
of Onyx Pro software and their absolute trust  in performance.


Research and Study:

  1. For  customers performance,  handling  of  software and remarks
  2. For new scientific and  applied technology; as well as new devices of  technologies
  3. For innovated and new ideas; in addition o  check and test them.
The outputs of those studies and researches appear, for example, in the  development of programming functions,
the creation of new tools for software, overcoming  shortcomings or faults that may appear in software,
directing programmers  and supporting them with recommendations, and training programs creation.


Versions Update:

This process is made through work plans for  new modifications and additions after analyzing them well, testing their outputs, and applying them. ONYX Pro usually offers  a new version annually on average. ONYX Pro Software version updates are provided for:
  1. Overcoming any fault appeared in the previous versions.
  2. Adding new requirements to approved software by research and development team.
  3. Adding requirements related to the market and new activities.
  4. Making necessary updates in software environment and their methods of use.
Updates are in particular items and sometimes don’t include all software, but in general they are important for customers. Between every two or three versions, we provide comprehensive version with software modules and their environment of use. The new versions will be sent to branches in order to provide them for customers to handle the new situation of software. ONYX Pro customers get  these updates by the virtue of the contract  for providing after-sale services.

  1. Participants in providing thoughts and information, orders and modifications, internal studies to test ONYX Pro software  performance  and environment, or external studies in the market, institutions of education  and training, and with customers.

  2. Technical supports  engineers, implementation experts in all points of sales in the Middle East, who provide their recommendations  for users to make use of ONYX Pro software as well as recommendations and proposals  for   programming team from their experience in various environments of customers.

  3. Programmers team of the head office in Sana'a who execute  plans of updates, continuous versions and new software; implement large projects plans for customers. This team comprise of researchers, innovators, programmers, analysts, testers, implementation leaders and technical references.

Development Mechanism:

  • Quality system defines all structures, procedures, models, details of ONYX Pro software development process, responsibilities, their trend from the beginning till the end. This is the regulatory and written procedure for work team.

  • YEMEN SOFT has developed CRM system specified for its organizational relations. CRM handles daily tasks details of work and development  teams and required database for that. This is the executive mechanism for ONYX Pro development team to fulfill their daily tasks.

  • Work teams for projects implementation are formed according to every project level. Then they develop the project systems and complete tasks in the project site. This is development mechanism of ONYX Pro software meeting for  the project defined objectives .

Onyx Pro Development Phases (Timeline):

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