ONYX Pro ERP Summary

ERP package for large business corporations in all different sectors.
  • The first version was issued in 2002. The researches of its development and success continued; and it is now in the version 7.1 /2018.

  • It has been developed by using Oracle Database and a number of techniques which formed its flexibility and meeting all what customers need.

  • It is regarded as an integrated package of ERP Solutions. Some of its modules can be used according to each enterprise need.

  • It supports multiple options in linking the headquarter to its branches in a number of techniques with high sufficiency.

  • It consists of 41 modules which can be accessed by user through Log-in window. These modules is classified to 8 sections: Management and configuration, General Ledger, Inventory, Customers (Accounts Receivable), Vendors (Accounts Payable), Human Resources, specialized modules, and other helping modules.

  • POS, which is specified for direct sale in supermarkets and retail shops, is the most important external components of ONYX Pro.

  • It can be linked with MRP, Shareholders, and Money Transfer & Exchange and any external system.

  • A small version of ONYX Pro (ONYX Pro Light) has been developed with specialized functions for companies branches.

  • It supports four languages: English, Arabic, French and Turkish. It is installed in the language that customer wants.

  • Elite of successful businessmen have decided to use ONYX Pro. It is also used efficiently by more than 4000 business enterprises in the Middle East.

  • ONYX Mobile makes the new in ONYX Pro to follow up your business from your mobile.

  • To see the new in ONYX Pro ERP version, move to Totally New.


Why ONYX Pro?

  1. To achieve overall business management results, consolidated strategic information, financial percentages, and statistics on the level of multiple companies and their branches.

  2. To enhance organizational work and managerial regulation's accuracy via granting privileges to ONYX Pro users according to their tasks in the organization chart.

  3. To control internal transactions and users, audit documents, procedures and report, and integrate performance between staff through quick internal communication messages.

  4. To suit the growth and adversity of activities and projects and meet any privacies in the transactions of purchases, sales,  or managerial regulation  according to local and international standards.

  5. To build-up absolute confidence with customers via accurate reports  about their transactions and facilitating the process of  meeting their orders by strength of database and ONYX Pro modules.

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