Upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP

This is 7.1 version of  ONYX Pro Software. It is available for customers from 01/01/2018 to upgrade from their previous versions. It is important for all our customers  as ONYX Pro development team add the essence of many studies, researches, and experience. Our customers in the Middle East were contributors in its development and they will find what can help them in developing their business in this version.

Why Upgrading to ONYX Pro ERP?

There are a lot of justifications to make ONYX Pro users decide upgrading to ONYX Pro ERP, including:
  1. New environment of use starting from log-on, work method, and new regional classifications that add more easiness to users tasks.   
  2. Avoiding the previous versions shortcomings.
  3. Including  a number of additions in all different modules and features that represent new components needed by business corporations in business procedures.
  4. ONYX Pro ERP Integrity in meeting business corporation requirements via merging computerization relations for a number of its components. This is regarded as a turning point for  a new phase of institutional work and organizational control.

The Most Important Requirements for  ONYX Pro ERP

These requirements are very important to make use of the available capabilities in ONYX Pro ERP, which are technical equipments or organizational requirements in work unit:
  1. First, we recommend that the customer have original software such as: windows operating system or other, Oracle database, …etc.
  2. To achieve the best displaying for software screens, users screen must support resolution (1024×768).
  3. To use financial documents archiving feature, it is preferred to prepare a separate server for that in order not to let the enclosed documents size effect on the specified server for data, as well as add scanner devices for the entitled users to documents archiving.
  4. Regarding those who use some of ONYX Pro programs separately such as Payroll or Assets, upgrading will achieve integrated linking to all these programs transactions with the rest of financial software. This may require organizational, financial or managerial preparations.
  5. Reviewing and closing the last month before upgrading and making backup till the last entry transaction. This is a basic requirement of precaution before the process of upgrading.

Implementation of  Upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP
The process of upgrading to ONYX Pro ERP is implemented via two options:
  • Upgrading Customer's Programs:
this upgrade effects appears on the customer’s used programs with additions and features.
It achieves full integration. The process of upgrading is implemented by the technical support engineer of ONYX Pro who will come to the customer office after contacting technical support department of the close branch.
It can also be implemented by any of the customer specialist if he/she is trained on that in any of branch or agency for ONYX Pro and got the required files for upgrading.
  • Upgrade To all ONYX Pro ERP :
in this upgrade, customer gets the required updates for the programs he/she uses, in addition to the other programs of ONYX Pro that his/her corporation needs but he/she doesn't have.
The customer gets this type of updates from any close POS who will provide him/her with complete consultation to develop his/her business computerization with ONYX Pro  (ERP) suitable for activity nature.  
In this case, the customer have to pay for the additional software. ONYX Pro engineers and consultations will install new software, provide updates, and train users.

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