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Yemensoft actively participated in the support and development of businesswomen practise​

Yemensoft actively participated on Wednesday 7 October 2020 in the support and
development of businesswomen practise in Yemen in cooperartion with SMEPS BRAVE program
that aims to maintain the continuity of small and micro enterprices sector.
To fulfill its role in enhancing community sustainability, Yemensoft has networked with 97
businesswomen in Sana’a to provide special offers and proper guidance
to organize and run their business in the future.

Certifying the Update Training & Consulting Center as an authorized center for training the Onyx Pro ERP System

November 20th, 2018

Launching the training course of Onyx Pro ERP System at the Update Training & Consulting Center- Aden
In the presence of Mr. Mujahid Al-Hujili- Director of Distribution Department, and Mr. Moeen al-Baadani- Cooperative Training Coordinator at Yemen Soft Group of Companies, as well as excellent constellation of the best Accounting System trainers in the city of Aden. They came-in to participate in the TOT special course for the system, so that they will be accredited as certified trainers by Yemen Soft Company.  After completing the course, these trainers will receive an approved certificate from the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training and the Yemen Soft Company. This subject has been published at the Update Center official page at Facebook as follow:
"We have been accredited as the first training center in the governorate of Aden in particular and the South in general to train the giant Onyx Pro ERP accounting system of Yemen Soft Company.
The registration will be open on Tuesday November 20th, 2018

The trainee will receive an authorized certificate from the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training and from Yemen Soft Company.

Those who are interested in registering and booking in the course must show up to the center in person or contact us on the following numbers:

Telephone: 02/262992
Mobile: 735744317
Watts: 701018038
Address: Aden - Directorate of Seera - Hassan Ali St."

Our cloud systems ONYX IX were launched at GITEX Dubai 2018

October 14, 2018

Ultimate Solutions participate in the activities of the GITEX 2018 to demonstrate the latest releases and software systems that are compatible with the global development in the Cloud Systems such as ONYX ix ERP, as well as Mobile Applications that are specialized in business solutions.
General Manager, Eng. Ali Abdulhafeeth Al-Yosofi with great interest, inaugurated the company's pavilion at the exhibition. He directed all communication channels, specialists in all branches of the company, international group companies and general administration to provide all technical and marketing requirements and provide the necessary materials and broadcast them continuously through the multimedia channels, pages, and official websites of the company to reach the exhibition activities globally.

We are pleased to invite you to visit us at GITEX Dubai Pavilion, Suite No: A8-10

ONYX Pro HRS systems

Reviewed by Forum Jeddah Human Resources
23 November, 2015 

With the participation of Ultimate Solutions for Computer Business, Jeddah Forum for Human Resources was launched from 22nd to 26th of November 2015. Saudi Minister of Labor Dr. Moufarrej Al-Haqbani attended the opening of this forum which discusses the most important issues in the Saudi labor market and presents the best HR systems. tended the opening of this forum  which discusses the most important issues in the Saudi labor market and presents  the best HR systems.

In the Forum’s exhibition, the visitors had a look on the specialized systems for human capital management (HRS) systems, that Ultimate Solutions offers in the Arab and the global markets as a module of ONYX Pro ERP solutions.  Eng.  Ali Alyousofy, the director general, was awarded the forum’s shield of honor for the active contribution of Ultimate Solutions.

Jeddah Forum for human resources was organized by the international House of expertise for Management Development and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in strategic partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources Development Fund "Goal" The form is in the seventh session this year.

You can see photos album in Jeddah forum (November 2015) from here

CeBIT Hannover, Germany

CeBIT Opening in Hannover, Germany
Yemen Soft Software in Global Exhibition for Technology

March 16th 2015

The global exhibition for technology (CeBIT) has been launched today 16th of March 2015 in Hannover, Germany Many of EU residents and others from all over the world are very keen on visiting this exhibition.  

The exhibitors who offer their products at CeBIT are the senior manufacturers of technology makers in the world. They offer the harvest of their researches, expertise and annual innovations as well as every new technology in people lives and the business environment, 
The engineer said Ali Al-Yousofi - Director General of YEMENSOFT company, an Arabian company that offers its products in CeBIT:

“CeBIT in Hannover is a special commercial and scientific event for professionals and experts in all details of technology in the era of smart devices either for infrastructures or personal use of open and continuous communication which made a tremendous development in business methods and tools as well as brought a huge change in people’s lifestyles.

He added, Here at CeBIT the world experts continue their efforts to develop strategies of data handing and management in best way. We in YEMENSOFT today offer two products: (Onyx Pro 2015) and ( Almotakamel Plus 2) which are  the core of our expertise in the Middle East  for organizations management,  development of performance data management  and business outcomes.

For us in YEMENSOFT, CeBIT is a strong trust and natural forum of researchers, innovators, interested companies and new experiences to share our interest of business enterprises management in technology environment and change performance to the best, the easiest and the fastest.”

Click this link to see the photos


The Global Exhibition for Technology
in Germany

YEMENSOFT participates in the global exhibition for technology (CeBIT) in Hanover, Germany, from 16 to March 20, 2015. At CeBIT exhibition, YEMENSOFT offers the new version of its famous products Onyx Pro software (Onyx Pro ERP) and the new version of the famous product Almotakamel Plus software (Almotakamel Plus2). CeBIT exhibition is regarded as the annual forum for global manufacturers of technology.
Mr. Abdulssalam Aldali - said that YEMENSOFT participation in CeBIT, the World Manufacturers technology exhibition under the slogan (Absolute Trust), is a natural entitlement  for  YEMENSOFT software presence as one of the most important leading Arab companies specialized in software solutions in in the Middle East in the fields of administrative and accounting organization. Besides, participation in the exhibition is an opportunity for global developers to exchange the new technology since CeIBT is the largest forum of the world innovators in different diversities of technology.