ONYX ERP Solutions

It contains a variety of integrated communications systems,
financial, administrative and specialized institutional building functions
in various commercial, industrial and service activities.

ONYX ERP Summary

The first version was issued in 2002. The researches of its development and success continued; and it is now in the version 7.1 /2018. It has been developed by using Oracle Database and a number of techniques which formed its flexibility and meeting all what customers need. It is regarded as an integrated package of ERP Solutions.


It is continual technical service offered to ONYX ERP customers. This service is provided by specialized engineers in programming and computer engineering in addition to experts in implementation of accounting and administrative ONYX ERP programs. The reasons for requesting technical support differ from country to another.

ONYX ERP Development

To implement our vision ” Software Solutions with international standards  and global presence”
and to keep our commitment to continuous development in order to achieve our customers’ objectives,
the processes of ONYX ERP development  have been done in accordance with several paths to serve the constant innovation.

Since years of research and study,  ONYX ERP has been serving our clients. Our clients’ success, special experience and expertise in different countries served us as an environment of study and analysis for development and production renewable versions. You will find the following in ONYX (ERP): 

Software modules ..for your business operations and activities
Training hours ..
for any user of ONYX ERP
available in ONYX ERP
countries ..
uses ONYX ERP system

Display ONYX ERP Solutions

Production and development of software and systems provide solutions for businesses to plan and manage its resources and possess mechanisms of cohesion and continued growth, and strengthen the institutional strength and support departments in the success and maximize profits and achieve their ambition, and produce a number of systems varied for different activities and business sectors used by thousands of customers in the Middle East.

Norway Timelapse

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Click on the video to see the new environment with ONYX IX cloud technology, the most advanced features, and the new markets it serves in all sectors and services.

تطبيقات أونكس برو موبايل

A new member joins Ultimate Academy. A Cooperation agreement was signed between Ultimate Academy and Arab Academy for science, technology and maritime transport. The signature session was attended by Dr. Ismail Abdulghaffar the president of Arab Academy and eng. Sameh Bakkar, director of Ultimate Academy. Both parties emphasized the importance of the agreement to develop students skills and train them to use onyx systems.
Ultimate Academy…The way to success
Signature session video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNG6IBY9Qog

تطبيقات أونكس برو موبايل

software to be installed on personal mobiles. These applications are included in ONYX Pro ERP to handle transactions that can be done out of office such as stocktaking transactions, receipt vouchers, indicators follow-up, display reports. These applications are considered as technical addition to for integration between ONYX Pro ERP and personal mobile devices to carry out the transactions that can be done easily and flexibly.

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ONYX ERP computing clients

Success stories

Rawafed Perfumes Success Story

Rawafed Perfumes Success Story

Rawafed Perfumes and Cosmetics Sana'a - Republic of Yemen Narrated by Mr. Mohamed Al Hammadi, General Manager We started with...

Latest news

Version 8 Of Onyx ERP Solutions Was Launched In Sana’a Branch

Version 8 Of Onyx ERP Solutions Was Launched In Sana’a Branch

December 12, 2022On Monday, December 12, 2022, version 8 of Onyx ERP solutions was launched in Sana'a branch. Hashem Nedhal,...

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Khaled Bagabr
Posted on 11 November، 2021
Executive Director Shada Real Estate Development Jeddah – KSA

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Accountants say

Rawa’t Alehsas Foundation – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Onyx Pro Systems are more than fascinating as they meet our work requirements and needs. The best thing I would like to tell you about is that when we decided to use Onyx systems and the transition to computerization, we have implemented that in a very record time as planned with high precision and procedures of organized labor. My heartfelt thanks to all staff of Ultimate Solutions and technical support team.

Mohammed Salem Alfaqeer

Financial Manager

Etqan Assfwa Company – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

I would like to say that we have been using ONYX Pro programs for two year. They are stable systems through which were could control, monitor and follow-up all the company business.  I would also like to thank Ultimate Solutions Corporation for their efforts to serve their customers as they responded to us very quickly. Thanks for them.

Faud Ali Hameed

Financial Manager

Bin Homaid Foundation for Advertising & Marketing – Sana’a – Yemen

By using Onyx Pro systems, we avoided inventory differences as the most important outcome for arrangement, organized work easily and flexible performance of transactions. Moreover, Onyx Pro systems are characterized by database which gathers between safety and security. Moreover, Onyx Pro systems provide precise reports that help our management to make decisions easily.

Hassan Alaswani

Financial Manager

Saeed Alkhameri Trading Corporation – Hodeidah – Yemen

As an accountant, I found overall reports that fulfill my work’s and owner’s requirements in Onyx Pro. As we use a chart of accounts for every branch, we issue reports and budget on the level of each branch and activity. Onyx Pro benefits me a lot through important features of auditing before posting, multi-currency in one account, in addition to using sms between users.

Methaq Abdu Noaman Alqadasi

Financial Manager

Middle East Company for Sponge Industr – Hodeidah – Yemen

Onyx Pro software achieves high control for me. Through it, I can follow up work carry on in the company, provide company owners with reports that help them in making decisions in the proper time. I can refer to the most important features related to my work which are using weights and sizes, as well as preparing reliable estimated budget.

Mansour Hussein Ahmed Daghar

Financial Manager

Al-Amal Alarabi Hospital – Hodeidah – Yemen

Onyx Pro is user-friendly. For example, there are work procedures and steps that achieve the quickness for accountant in executing his/her daily tasks such as importing balances from Excel files, existing shortcuts in keyboard, and issuing accounts statements for multiple years after closing on appropriate conditions. Like this, I find flexibility in Onyx Pro.

Mansour Qaid Alarefi

Financial Manager

Alsufi Trading Corporation – Hodeidah – Yemen

As accountant, I use estimated balance and cost centers with high efficiency. I also organize my items flexibly in dividing inventory and calculating the cost by inventory. That is what I achieve from Onyx Pro software. It also provides me with precise distribution for users privileges in addition to miscellaneous control reports for the quality of implementing the accounting transactions in my firm, data security by usual auto packing up, and many features of easiness and flexibility.

Hamdi Ahmed Saeed Alburaee


 Eissa Khalil Ameer Derhim Office – Taiz – Yemen

We, Eissa Khalil Ameer Derhim Office, certify that we have been working in accounts auditing in many of companies which work on Onyx Pro of Yemen Soft. We always notice through auditing that Onyx Pro software is one of the best software that meet the needs of customer and auditor as well.

Eissa Khalil

Certified legal references