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At the CeBIT 2016 International Technology Fair

March 18, 2016

Ultimate Solutions participated in CeBIT technology fair in Hannover, Germany, where the power of trust of its clients granted it more interest and attention in the international business environment. At this year’s exhibition, Ultimate Solutions presented Onyx Pro solutions package and Motakamel Plus 2 solutions set with presentations on the innovations of its experts, its continued development and the diversity of its clients.

Ultimate’s participation was the focus of CeBIT experts and interested parties, as they learned about the power of its software to achieve institutional building by addressing the processes of financial and administrative performance and the processes of specialized professional performance which in turn leads any business to the stages of growth and expansion.

General Manager, Engineer Ali Al-Yousifi, said, “Ultimate’s participation in CeBIT is a scientific responsibility in a continuously changing world of technology. It also reflects the power of trust in the performance of its software and its contributions to business development.” CeBIT is considered the most important global gathering for technology industry tools, technologies, development research and its variables to meet business needs and life requirements. It is organized annually with exceptional interest from technology developers in countries around the world.