Production and development of software and systems provide solutions for businesses to plan and manage its resources and possess mechanisms of cohesion and continued growth, and strengthen the institutional strength and support departments in the success and maximize profits and achieve their ambition, and produce a number of systems varied for different activities and business sectors used by thousands of customers in the Middle East.

Solutions Package:
We offer our clients with solutions that suit their activities in packages as follows:

ERP Solutions to fulfill the medium and large business enterprises requirements for institutional building in various industrial and commercial sectors. It has been developed with Oracle database. It serves all important positions in the organization.
For more information: www.onyxproerp.com

Motakamel Plus ERP 
A package of accounting and managerial programs for medium business enterprises. It has been developed with the use of MS SQL Server database to accomplish its tasks adequately.
For more information: www.ultimate-sa.com/en/motakamelplus

Almotakamel Pro:

A package of General Ledger, Inventory, Sales, Purchases modules. It is regarded as the most important requirement of small enterprises as it shifts them from random to regulation and leads them to growth and expansion.
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Computerization Projects:
Our companies have a wide experience in implementing special computerization projects either governmental, NGOs, or private organizations. We have successful experiences in the Arab region.
For more information: www.ultimate-sa.com/en/computingprojects