Be One of Our Agents


Thousands of customers use in the Middle East. ONYX Pro Solutions , Motakamel Plus, and Motakamel Pro Our Software are regarded as the most important partners of business owners in the institutional structuring via computerizing the procedures of financial, accounting, managerial work; and providing daily procedural information for all institution departments and strategic information for higher administration.
Customers can get our software  from more than 88 branches, POS, or region agent as shown in Availability Map of ONYX Pro and  the other software of YEMENSOFT until 2018.

Our Strategy:

All orders of distributing our software in any region, where there isn't any of our branches, are approved.

Conditions for Applicants to  Distribution Agency:

  1. To be Legal person (company, or office, …etc)  specialized in computer and technology business, managerial and accounting organization, or any close specialization.
  2. To be Registered officially  in his/her country and region; in addition to practicing his/her business activity according to the declared specialization.
  3. To have a specialist in software or accounts and  able to adding and training staff  that  he/she needs for authorization purposes.

Requirements of Authorizing Distribution Agency:

  1. Providing authority official documents  supporting agency requirement, including: official registration for activity practice.  
  2. Providing feasibility study of the targeted market, explaining the market's quo status and available software, decision justifications, expected  chances success to be achieved in the first six months of work.
  3. Nominating an employee of specialists at least to give them information about the proposed software for sale in their targeted market as well as train them on sale transactions in one of our close branches.

Signing Distribution Agency Procedures:

  1. Submitting order with filling in basic contact information via Distribution Agency Order Form.
  2. Only suitable applicants who fulfill the conditions and requirements of getting distribution agency will be contacted.
  3. Initial consent will be sent to the accepted applicant notifying  that he/she has a week from the initial consent date to provide the required documents approving his/her compliance with the conditions of getting distribution agency (license, market feasibility study, curriculum vitae of the nominated employee for training).
  4. Suitable applicant will be contacted to discuss his/her obligations to agency conditions and  prepare requirements to sign software distribution contract for the first year on probation.
  5. Submitting copy of marketing plan for the first year and evaluation tools of achieving objectives every three months, that has been applied by the applicant for distribution agency.
  6. Signing the contract  of software distribution agency and starting with agent staff training.
  7. Agent has 60 days maximum after signing contract to train his/her staff and prepare his/her equipments to get into the targeted market.

Our Basic Provided Support to Distribution Agents:

  1. Provide their staff with information concerning YEMENSOFT software as well as methodology  of marketing.
  2. Train their staff to use the software specified for the targeted market.  
  3. All their staff will be trained in software sale, installation, and customers service skills.
  4. Provide ongoing technical support for agent's staff.
  5. Provide his/her institution  with suitable software for free.
  6. Add his/her name, logo, and address in YEMENSOFT's printed materials and websites.
  7. Provide software updates and new versions.

Distribution Agency Order Form: